Number Porting

Keep your number - Leave behind your old provider but keep the same number.

Number Porting

Move your current telephone number to Melonite

Melonite can import your current telephone number or numbers to our network. This enables you to save money on paying expensive line rental. The average residential line rental now costs over £15.00 per month. With Melonite you pay just £2.00 per month. With an average saving of £14.00 per month or a massive £180.00 per year!

With the tradditional operators it also generally means one number is one line, not with Melonite, you can have as many lines as your internet connection can handle. Use the "checker" below to see if we can port your number on to our network.

Benefits of porting to Melonite

Should you loose power, internet access or any other outtage, then Melonite can have your number divert to an alternative location, this can include a mobile or other line, in fact we can divert your number to anywhere that has an internet connection. Did you know the Internation Space Station has internet access?

We are able to port your number from the following operators. BT, Virgin Media, SKY, TalkTalk, Cable & Wireless, COLT, Eurobell, Gamma Telecom, Global Crossing, Inclarity, KCOM, Magrathea Telecom, MDNX, Simwood eSMS, Spitfire Networks, Telephony Services (Gradwell & AQL), Teleserve, Thus Plc, Verizon UK, Voxbone, X-On and Your Communications.

Number Port Checker
Enter the full number below to check if it can be ported to VoIP. This system is live and connects directly to all of our porting partner networks. This can only be used to check UK Geographic numbers, if you wish to port numbers such as 0845 or 0870 for example drop an email to our porting team.

Timescales & Costs Involved

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